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A.B.S. Formulation is a manufacturer of feed additives with

headquarters in Nepal A.B.S. Formulation. Agrovet has a network of distribution

and aims to be the leading player in supplying high performance natural

feed additives – enhancing health, growth and sustainability in the Live

Stock industry in the world, we offer full technical support for our range of

products by professionals for the respective industry.


Our mission is to supply feed additive with superior quality. As a participant

in the feed to food chain, we take our responsibility very seriously to ensure

a consistent product quality, safety and hygiene based on renewable raw

material. We want to be your preferred supplier.


A dedicated team and effective processes result in superior customer

support covering all aspects of a successful business relationship. We

see ourselves as your productivity partner providing you all advantage of a reputable GMP certified company.

Because of size and operational efficiencies we can provide you quick turnaround on both small and large order at competitive price.

So join hands with us to serve the people with QUALITY CURE.
Welcome to Join Hands with us. If the passion to succeed is what drives you and if the glass above is half full then join us because at A.B.S. Formulation we transcend dreams to reality.
We A.B.S. Formulation are among the top in Manufacturing, marketing & exporting of animal feed supplements range. These supplements are generally given along with the feed to the animal to meet their nutritive requirements, which cannot be completely covered by giving feed only. These supplements
become part of the animal diet & if given good quality supplements the animals will be healthier & will give good yields which in turn will fetch more money for the farmer. Keeping this goal in mind to deliver the quality result
oriented supplements to the farmers, our team of experienced staff after extensive hard work & research has developed these supplements for the farmers. These supplements are not only result oriented but are economical also. More over attractive packing & quick delivery also makes farmers more oriented towards our products.
We offer animal feed supplements for Ruminants (cattle, sheep, goat etc.),
Poultry, Aqua & Pet.


• Mineral mixture for Aqua & Equine

• Mineral mixture chelated

• Methionine chelated mineral mixture with vitamins, herbs, Probiotic.

• Calcium liquid supplement with vitamins, herbs.

• Chelated calcium liquid with vitamins, herbs.

• Calcium powder supplement.

• Calcium vitamin bolus.

• Vitamin H liquid supplement.

• Vitamin H, Selenium , Biotin powder supplement.

• Electrolyte immunity booster supplement.

• Summer stress reliever liquid supplement.

• Energy booster liquid supplement.

• Glucogenic precursor Anabolite liquid supplement.

• Metabolite booster powder supplement for large animals.

• Uterine tonic supplement.

• Digestive powder supplement.

• Pre & Probiotic powder supplement.

• Mastitis care & milk booster powder supplement.

• Udder care feed supplement.

• Fat & milk enhancer powder supplement.

• Vitamins, minerals, B-complex liquid supplement.

• Liver tonic liquid supplement.

• Toxin binder, Probiotic supplement.

• Ionic gel supplement.

• Growth promoter’s supplements.

• Acidifier Supplements

• Pet calcium liquid supplement.

• Pet Liver stimulant liquid supplement.

• Pet amino acids & multivitamin liquid supplement.

• Methionine organic powder (Herbal natural methionine) powder


• Bypass protein (groundnut)

• Bypass protein (mustard)

• Bypass fat.

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